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International Transfer Students


Hear from an international transfer student leader:

Michael Komigi

"I am Michael Komigi, I am an international transfer student. This is my second year since I transferred to the University of Utah in Fall 2022.

My experience so far at the University of Utah is totally amazing. I would share at least three things I love about being here. First, I love the research opportunities at the U. I got some opportunities to work with cool professors and graduate students. I created my own research proposal, but I also applied to some research projects, both are fun! Research projects allow me to get both credit hours and payments.

Second, I live a balanced life. I remember last summer, I worked full time as an undergraduate researcher. I had busy weekdays, but I still could go hiking to some places around the Wasatch National Forests on the weekends. Visiting some beautiful lakes, and witnessing some wild species. If I have more days off, I am still able to make it to some national parks in Southern Utah. I might be stressed with college life, but Utah offers many beautiful places to let you forget about the assignments for a while and enjoy!

...As an international student I feel excited about friends I met, they come from everywhere. I have many friends from the Middle East, South America, Africa, or Asia, and many places across the world. All of them are nice people, they have beautiful cultures they share with me. Some friends invite me to their house and let me try their traditional clothes, or cuisines, or celebrate their special days. Cultures are beautiful, with all the similarities and differences.

In the office of Transfer Students Success, I am working with Paul Fisk, and other great fellow student staff to support the success of transfer students in the University of Utah."

Michael's drop in hours:

Michael's Fall drop-in hours will be posted before the semester starts

Resources Michael recommends:

University Writing Center

Financial Wellness Center (they can help with filing taxes)

International transfer students are able to join the Crimson Transfer Honor Society if they meet membership requirements

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Last Updated: 6/7/24